Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Don't Have A Light Box

Making all those hexies, I realized that I needed a needle book.  So, I searched around for a tutorial and here is what I found.  I cut out the pieces Thursday night after the kiddies went to bed and sewed it up Friday during nap time.  So CUTE!  The tutorial was really easy to follow. 
Even the inside is cute.  It's been quite useful having a needle book.
This has been today's project so far.  I don't have a light box or a transfer pen, but I do have a window and a blue water soluble pen.  It took me a while to trace, but again I got this done mostly during nap time.  I found this embroidery pattern over here and she has many other cuties. 
Here he is up close.  I hope to get him embroidered soon and add him to my two-year-old's room.  I'm going for a bird theme in her room.  He'll either get framed or possibly become a small pillow.  I'll figure it out later.
At one point while I was tracing him, my daughter came up to me and said "I have tape too."  I gave her two pieces and this is what she did.  She taped up Elmo Fred.  Yes, she's recently decided to call him Fred.  She'll also tell you she's seven. 


  1. what a cute idea!! love it!! the bird is going to be super cute!! :)

  2. That's a cute little needle book and yes, a needle book is a must for hexagons on the go! Can't wait to see your birdie. You may need to do a little Fred stitching after all your daughter's efforts!


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